Application of nitrogen gas in industries

Application of nitrogen gas the inertness

  • Industrial nitrogen gas is used to inert containers or treat containers. Nitrogen is injected to remove harmful chemicals, prevent fires and explosions such as lpg migration in oil refinery pipelines. And to eliminate the possibility of fire and explosion in the fuel tanks, nitrogen is used to eliminate the gaps of the tank.
  • Nitrogen pumps help remove oxygen, put out fires and prevent explosions.
  • In pharmaceuticals, nitrogen has the effect of coating, inert, aeration, anti-oxidation.
  • Application to prevent oxidation
  • Application of nitrogen gas in industries
    Application of nitrogen gas in industries
    Nitrogen is also used on drilling rigs to remove oxygen. Slow down oxidation and prevent explosion. Nitrogen is also used to press dry oil wells. Increases drilling speed, its inertness does not cause wear or damage to bore holes.
  • Nitrogen is also used to inflate tires. Helps tires avoid oxidation, does not condense water, cooler temperatures, will make tires more durable.

a. Leak test app

  • Nitrogen also helps check plumbing, air pipes, reduce pressure and check the level of leaks at welds, threads, flange connections, without fear of explosion.

b. Application of nitrogen gas in welding and cutting

  • Using nitrogen in lead solder joints will increase the temperature of the soldering process. Creates adhesion in plastic welds.
  • Nitrogen also helps in laser cutting. Nitrogen cutting is very popular in stainless steel and aluminum cutting with high precision.
  • When using nitrogen in laser welding, it will help the welding environment to be stable, not pitted, and increase the grip on the surface.

c. Application of nitrogen gas in metallurgy

  • In the jewelry manufacturing industry, gold and silver. When using nitrogen in the kiln, filling it with nitrogen to push out the oxygen will not reduce the quality of the gold like in the presence of oxygen. Does not change the yellow color.
  • In the production stages where the product requires heat treatment, nitrogen is the most optimal method when resisting oxidation from the environment for the product to be treated.
  • Nitrogen gas is also used in the preservation of materials very well. Helps the material to be colorfast and increase its lifespan.
  • Curing devices for materials such as metal, carbon fiber, Kevlar, and high tenacity fibers.
  • To help quench the steel to the required brightness, nitrogen is used in the furnaces. The higher the furnace temperature, the higher the nitrogen purity should be.

Nitrogen gas

Other Apps

  • Nitrogen is an excellent fire prevention solution. And is a fire fighting tool, reducing oxygen concentration in the most effective way.
  • Surfaces with adhesives (tape) shall be rinsed with nitrogen. Nitrogen has the effect of removing adhesives and removing residual harmful chemicals.
  • Industrial nitrogen is a gas that replaces air in compressed air-powered equipment. The service life of these devices is highly dependent on the dryness of the compressed air. Because nitrogen has a very high dryness (>60C) compared to compressed air. Therefore, equipment using nitrogen has a very long life.











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