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Oxygen (O2) is a colourless and odourless gas, but it is pale blue in the liquid form. It is vital for most life forms on earth. We absorb oxygen through the air we breathe. Oxygen is produced in our factory through the liquefaction and distillation of ambient air at air separation plants.

The main industrial application of oxygen is combustion. Many materials that do not normally burn in air will burn in oxygen so mixing oxygen with air greatly enhances combustion efficiency in iron and steel, non-ferrous, glass and concrete industries. It is widely combined with a fuel gas for cutting, welding, brazing and glass blowing, offering much higher flame temperatures and thus greater efficiency than just air. With oxyfuel, plasma and laser processes, a jet of gaseous oxygen is used to cut steel. Besides, Oxygen is widely used in many industries such as petrochemicals and chemicals, health and wellness, food industry …

We provide oxygen in both liquid and gaseous form. The oxygen gas is delivered by 40L, 50L cylinders and pallets or refilled in the refilling station in the factory. The liquid oxygen is distributed by LGC, ISO tank or pumped directly at the factory.

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