What is Acetylene Gas? Applications of Acetylene in Metal Welding and Cutting Industry


Acetylene is an important gas used in various industries and professions. Specifically, what kind of gas is it? And what are its uses?

Acetylene, with the chemical formula C2H2, is produced through the reaction between water and carbon. It is a colorless, odorless natural gas that is sparingly soluble in water and has a high flammability and heat release capability. With these characteristics, acetylene is applied in industries such as:

  • Lighting: It is used in lighting devices such as oxy-acetylene lamps. When burned, acetylene produces a bright flame and high temperatures, creating intense light. This gas was previously used for producing light in acetylene lamps before electric lighting became prevalent. Although it is less commonly used in modern industrial lighting, personal applications such as engine lamps, camping lanterns, and acetylene-powered tools still exist.
  • Oil and gas industry: C2H2 is utilized in the oil and gas industry for detecting and testing gas leaks.
  • Chemical industry: It serves as a regulating agent in the production of plastics, synthetic rubber, dyes, coloring agents, and various chemical applications.
  • Research and experimentation: Acetylene finds applications in scientific research and experiments, including analysis and synthesis of organic compounds.
  • Production of organic compounds: Acetylene is an important raw material for producing other organic compounds such as acetylene, ethylene, and acetone. These compounds are used in the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, and the production of various substances like synthetic rubber, plastics, dyes, and cleaning agents.

In particular, the most well-known industrial application of acetylene is in the field of welding and metal cutting, also known as oxy-fuel welding. Acetylene is used as a high-temperature heat source in the welding and cutting process. Upon thermal decomposition, it generates a very hot flame (around 3300 °C), melting and cutting through metal materials such as steel and cast iron.


The welding and metal cutting process using acetylene is typically carried out through the oxy-acetylene method. Here is a general procedure for welding and cutting metal using acetylene:

  • Preparation:

Ensure the safety of equipment and materials used, including acetylene and oxygen cylinders, gas hoses, protective gear, and welding/cutting equipment.

Check valves, regulators, and other components of the welding/cutting equipment to ensure proper functioning.

  • System setup:

Connect the acetylene cylinder to the welding/cutting equipment using suitable gas hoses and valves.

Connect the oxygen cylinder to the welding/cutting equipment using suitable gas hoses and valves.

Ensure accurate and tight installation.

  • Safety checks:

Inspect and ensure no gas leaks from connections.

Check the pressure of the acetylene and oxygen cylinders.

Ensure no liquid is present in the acetylene cylinder.

  • Ignition:

Open the oxygen valve and adjust the oxygen flow as per the job requirements.

Open the acetylene valve and adjust the acetylene flow accordingly.

Use an igniter or welding torch to create a flame at the welding point.

  • Metal welding:

Bring the flame to the welding position, creating a hot spot to melt the metal edges.

Bring the welding wire to the welding position and adjust the flame to create a suitable heat for melting the wire and the metal to be welded.

Move the welding wire across the welding areas, creating a connection and bonding between metal pieces.

  • Metal cutting:

Create a cutting flame by increasing the oxygen flow and move the cutting flame through the desired cutting line.

Move the cutting flame along the intended cutting path, creating a narrow gap in the metal.

Continue moving the cutting flame to cut deeper and complete the metal cutting.

  • Finishing:

After completing the welding or cutting process, close the acetylene valve first, then the oxygen valve.

Ensure the flame is completely extinguished and thoroughly check connections and safety equipment.

Note that the acetylene welding and cutting process requires special attention and adherence to safety regulations. Ensure proper training and guidance before performing any welding or cutting tasks.

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