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Safety Jogger Eng

With more than 50 years of experience in the development and production of safety shoes, we offer a wide range of safety shoes that combine comfort and safety. We offer a wide range of Safety Jogger shoes for a wide variety of applications and industries.

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Safety Jogger

When it comes to Safety Jogger shoes, it will always be the first brand that comes to mind for construction industry brothers.

Safety Jogger is a large brand from the Kingdom of Belgium and was established in the 1950s, specializing in the production and distribution of products in the field of labor protection such as work shoes, work boots, work gloves and helmets.

Are Safety Jogger shoes good?

Currently, the most trusted brand in the world is Safety Jogger. This is also understandable when all products are manufactured based on advanced technology lines from Europe, along with a team of skilled engineers.

Safety Jogger has now built its own production plants in many different countries around the world such as the US, China or Korea… Particularly in Vietnam, shoes are mainly produced in China.


  • Leather material: cowhide, hemp or smooth, fireproof, does not crack when exposed to water or under continuous movement.
  • Shoe type: Low-cut.
  • Sole: PU
  • Weight: 600g/pcs
  • Equipped with anti-nails steel lining: covers the area of ​​​​the sole of the shoe and the toe.
  • Features: Anti-puncture, anti-impact, anti-oil, anti-acid, anti-slip, anti-swelling in oil, vented, vacuum sealed
  • Iron toe: precision mechanically machined, with a cut-resistant edge to the sole upon strong impact.
  • Shoes meet all the strict safety requirements of the European Union (CE S3) as well as the US (ASTM (USA), ANSI Z41-1999 (PHILIP), Japan (JIS (JAPAN) ).
  • Size 37-44