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On-site Refilling

  • Refilling for pryozone units
  • Refilling for storage tanks
  • Liquid Carbon Dioxide
  • Liquid Nitrogen

SSBCEPL provides on-site liquid refilling for pryozone, and customer’s storage tank.
Liquids include loads of Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, etc

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Why On-site Refilling industrial gas?

On-site Refilling. Each gas cylinder, tank or tank when used up will still have a small amount of gas left at the bottom. Before filling in with new gas, it is necessary to suck up this excess, make sure the old and new gas do not mix. Vacuuming is also a way to clean bottles, tanks, and containers.
After sucking air, it is necessary to refill the new gas for use. Loading industrial gas into used cylinders is more cost-effective than buying new ones. Besides, we can also load industrial gas into the gas tank already containing other substances, creating a gas mixture to meet the needs of use. For example, charge Oxygen gas, Argon gas … into the previous gas container for use in welding and metal cutting.

Industrial gas filling process?

The process of filling or transferring gas from one container to another is carried out as follows:

  • Technical inspection of gas cylinder casings, tanks and containers. Make sure they are not rusted, punctured or cracked.
  • Install the tank, tank, gas storage into the rig, open the valve. The number of air tanks in one charge is 10. Industrial gas filling system includes gas tank, conductor, extraction system. They are linked together.
  • Vacuum.
  • Cool the intake pump and feed the corresponding industrial gas.
  • After completing the process of industrial gas filling in place, the valve will be closed. Next is stamping and sealing the gas tank.

On-site Refilling