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Mixed Gases

Oxygen (O2) is a colourless and odourless gas, but it is pale blue in the liquid form. It is vital for most life forms on earth. We absorb oxygen through the air we breathe. Oxygen is produced in our factory through the liquefaction and distillation of ambient air at air separation plants.

The main industrial application of oxygen is combustion. Many materials that do not normally burn in air will burn in oxygen so mixing oxygen with air greatly enhances combustion efficiency in iron and steel, non-ferrous, glass and concrete industries. It is widely combined with a fuel gas for cutting, welding, brazing and glass blowing, offering much higher flame temperatures and thus greater efficiency than just air. With oxyfuel, plasma and laser processes, a jet of gaseous oxygen is used to cut steel. Besides, Oxygen is widely used in many industries such as petrochemicals and chemicals, health and wellness, food industry …

We provide oxygen in both liquid and gaseous form. The oxygen gas is delivered by 40L, 50L cylinders and pallets or refilled in the refilling station in the factory. The liquid oxygen is distributed by LGC, ISO tank or pumped directly at the factory.


What is Mixed Gas?

Mixed Gases is the process of Mixed Gases for a specific purpose in which the composition of the resulting mixture is determined and controlled. A wide range of applications include scientific and industrial processes, food production and storage, and breathing gases.
Inert gas, also known as mixed gas, includes a mixture of the following gases: Argon, Helium. Argon gas has 3 types with different purity: 99.99% (used for welding highly reactive metals such as Ti,Nb,Zr); 99.98% (for welding non-ferrous metals such as Al, Mg, and their alloys) and 99.95% (for welding high-alloy steels). The impurities in Ar are oxygen, N, and water vapor. Ar is normally stored in bottles with a capacity of 40 liters under a pressure of 150 atm.
Mixing gases are usually specified in terms of moles of gas (approximately parts by volume of gas for many permanent gases): as a percentage, parts per thousand, or parts per million. The volume fraction of a gas converts significantly to a ratio of partial pressure, which obeys Dalton’s law of partial pressure.
Partial pressure mixing at constant temperature is computationally simple and pressure measurement is relatively cheap, but maintaining constant temperature during pressure changes requires considerable time to temperature balance. Mass fraction mixing is not affected by temperature changes during this process, but requires precise measurement of mass or weight and calculation of the constituent mass from a defined molar ratio. Both partial pressure and mass fraction mixing are used in practice.

Application of Mixed Gases

  • P10: A compressed air mixture of balanced Argon and Methane. P10 gas is used in welding, cutting, metallurgy, experiment, and preservation industries.
  • Trimix: Is a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and helium and is often used in deep diving in technical and commercial diving instead of air to reduce nitrogen toxicity and to avoid the risk of oxygen poisoning.
  • Heliox: Is a mixture of oxygen and helium and is often used in very deep diving to eliminate nitrogen poisoning.
  • Heliair: Is a trimix that is mixed from helium and air without mixing with pure oxygen. It always has a ratio of 21 oxygen and 79 nitrogen. The balance of the mixture is helium.
  • A calibration gas is a mixture of gas or reference gases used as a standard of comparison in the calibration of analytical instruments, such as gas analyzers or gas detectors.
  • Analytical gases are gases used for analytical purposes. Or it can be said that analytical gas is a special gas used in the field of experimental analysis.

What is the price of the mixed gases?

Depending on the type of mixing gas, mass and properties of the gases. So the price of the mixed gases is also different. If you want to supply the Mixed Gases and get a quote, please contact SIG Vietnam
Supply of Industrial Mixed Gases

Supplier of industrial Mixed Gases

Sing Industrial Gas Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial mixed gas in Vietnam. We also manufacture and distribute professionally such as: Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Argon, Liquid Amoniac (NH3) and Acetylene gas, CO2 gas filling service for bottles and bottle assemblies. In addition, SIG Vietnam also supplies refrigerant gases such as: R22, R134a, R401A, R404A, R407C and R410 in bottle form. Single use or reusable bottle. With many weights from 13.6kg to 100kg.