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LNG Global Testing

  • Serviced on loaded cargo tanks
  • For safe execution of hot work after loading
  • Reduce risks of tank explosion

Generally, this process is done onto cargo tanks that are loaded, as in the case hot work that is needed to be done on deck. The nitrogen gas serves as a layer of blanket over the cargo inside the tank so that hot work can be carried out safely on the deck. This reduces the risk of tank explosion or other unexpected accidents.

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What is LNG Global Testing?

LNG Global Testing. An industrial liquefied gas storage tank or LNG storage tank is a specialized type of storage tank used for the storage of liquefied natural gas. LNG storage tanks can be found on land or in LNG carriers. A common feature of LNG storage tanks is their ability to store LNG at very low temperatures of -162°C (-260°F). LNG storage tanks have dual containers, where the inner container holds the LNG and the outer container contains insulation. The most common type of tank is the filled tank. LNG storage tanks vary greatly in size, depending on the usage.
In LNG storage, the pressure and temperature in the tank will continue to increase. LNG is a cryogen, and is kept in a liquid state at very low temperatures. The temperature inside the vessel will remain constant if the pressure is kept constant by allowing the gas to escape from the vessel. This is called auto-cooling.
The world’s largest above-ground storage tank (in 2000) is a 180 million liter filled type for Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

Supplier of repair, upgrade and overall inspection services for LNG

Sing Indsutrial Gas Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a provider of technical services on repair, upgrading and overall inspection for LNG.
In addition, SIG Vietnam also provides other services such as: tank and ISO tank rental service, design and construction service. Installation and management (EPCM) for gas pipeline system. Pipeline cleaning services as well as gas transportation.
Our customers are steel mills, shipbuilding and repair plants. Hospitals and many companies in other fields such as semiconductor equipment, electronics. Food and beverage processing, refrigeration equipment and paper production.