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Gas Up and Cool Down

Blowing and cooling is to clean the gas tank (eg Nitrogen, other volatile gases) until the Nitrogen level is satisfactory for the next shipment, eg LPG 2%, VCM 1%

When the gas evaporation reaches 99% or better, the cleaning is stopped (closing the Nitrogen valve plus the gaseous product) and the pressure is increased to 1 bar. Use the liquid form of the product to cool the tank by introducing liquid gas into the spray bar inside the tank. When the bath temperature has cooled to the required level, the process will stop.

We also provide nitrogen-free cleaning, air blowing and refrigeration services for Propane, Ethylene and Propylene refrigerant gas tanks.

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Clean the gas tank by blowing air and cooling the tank

Gas Up and Cool Down. Gas tanks are devices used to store and transport gases with pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. Cleaning the compressed air tank, the compressed air tank before recharging is essential!

Although the gas has been used up, at the bottom of the industrial gas tank, the industrial gas tank still has a certain amount of gas remaining. Residual gas still seeps in the rust inside the tank, tank. Vacuum all excess gas in the tank, the tank out as a way to clean the tank before filling with new gas. Moreover, that residual gas can be reused effectively, to save more money.

If you let old gas and add new gas, it will change the quality of the gas, affecting the purity. That affects work efficiency. In some cases, it also causes chemical reactions between gases, leading to fire and explosion and many other incidents. In the case of loading new medical gas into the tank, there is still old gas, which will affect the user’s health.

Devices supporting Gas Up and Cool Down of gas tanks

Vacuum system with very deep vacuum and large capacity, used to vacuum clean compressed air tanks, large capacity oxygen, nitrogen, argon and CO2 tanks and tanks. Vacuum system synchronized with modern equipment, advanced technology and measuring equipment of EU countries and Japan.

  • Turbo secondary vacuum pump suction capacity 300L/S (1080m3/h), vacuum reaches 10-10 mBar.
  • The vane type primary vacuum pump, the vacuum can reach 5.10-4mBar.
  • The vacuum gauge includes a sensor head and a vacuum display that can measure vacuums up to 10-10 mBar.
  • The system is installed with a meter on a mobile rack to be able to vacuum clean compressed air tanks, tanks – tanks – liquid tanks anytime, anywhere.

Cleaning the gas tank will do:

  • Vacuum recovery or new vacuum for liquid tanks.
  • Vacuum recovery for liquid vessels (XL-45, PLC-175, …)
  • Vacuum recovery for Dewar flasks containing liquid O2/N2/Ar.
  • The vacuum achieved after vacuum restoration of the above devices is very deep, the quality of the equipment after vacuum is equivalent to the new equipment.

SIG Vietnam provides Gas Up and Cool Down services with the best quality. Guaranteed reputation and quality.