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Ethylene (C2H4), also known as ethene, is a raw ingredient in the manufacture of polymers such as polyethylene and polystyrene. Ethylene is used in a range of industries and applications including Chemical, Food and Beverages, Glass, Medical, Metal Fabrication, Refining, Rubber & Plastics. For example, it is common to welding and metal cutting, the glass industry and agriculture, where it is used to ripen fruit and prolong the shelf life of fresh produce and flowers. It is also used as an anaesthetic in medicine, as a refrigerant in LNG plants and in thermal spraying.

We offer Ethylene in a range of packages from small cylinders to bulk ISO containers.

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What is ethylene?

Ethylene gas (IUPAC name: ethene) is a hydrocarbon with the formula C2H4 or H2C = CH2. Ethylene is a colorless flammable gas with a “sweet and musky” odor when pure. Ethylene gas is the simplest alkene (a hydrocarbon with a carbon-carbon double bond).

Ethylene gas is widely used in the chemical industry and its production worldwide (more than 150 million tons in 2016) exceeds that of any other organic compound. Much of this production goes towards polyethylene, a widely used plastic containing polymer chains of ethylene units with different chain lengths. Ethylene gas is also an important natural plant hormone and is used in agriculture to press ripe fruit. The ethylene hydrate is ethanol.

Ethylene is one of the first biogas known to man, the simplest olefin gas. So ethylene gas is very close to our lives, even in our own families.

Ethylene gas properties

Ethylene gas is colorless, odorless, lighter than air, sparingly soluble in water, flammable, and has a sweet musky odor.

Ethylene gas has characteristic chemical reactions such as combustion, addition and polymerization.

The combustion reaction of ethylene

  • C2H4 burns in oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water vapor.
  • C2H4 + 3O2 (t°) → 2CO2 + 2H2O

The addition reaction of ethylene

Ethylene gas has a double bond addition reaction with halogens, H2 and acids.

  • C2H4 + Br2 → C2H4Br2
  • C2H4 + H2 → C2H6
  • C2H4 + HBr → C2H5Br

The polymerization of ethylene

Under the right conditions (temperature, pressure, catalysis), C2H4 molecules can combine to form a molecule with a larger size and molecular mass, called polyethylene.
The above reaction is called polymerization. Polyethylene is a solid, insoluble in water, non-toxic. Polyethylene is an important raw material in the plastics industry.

Other chemical reactions of ethylene

Effects with KMnO4:

3C2H4 + 2KMnO4 + 4H2O → 3C2H5(OH)2 + 2KOH + 2MnO2

Substitute reaction with Cl2, Br2 at high temperature:

CH2=CH2 + Cl2 → CH2=CHCl + HCl

Application of industrial ethylene gas in industry, agriculture

Applications of Ethylene in industry such as:

  • Used in packaging production
  • Transport
  • Electronics
  • Textile industry
  • Materials for coatings and adhesives
  • Raw materials in building materials
  • Participate in many reactions that produce chemicals
  • Applications in the petrochemical industry
  • Derivative Application

For the agricultural sector:

  • Ethylene has the ability to increase the growth of plant cells
  • Stimulates the germination and growth of plants and trees
  • Increase crop productivity, serving the farming and farming industries
  • Especially, the most familiar to us is to make fruit trees ripen faster, even ripen evenly, and be more stable than other methods.

Price of industrial ethylene gas

SIG Vietnam supplies industrial ethylene gas in gas and liquid form. Ethylene gas is delivered in 40L, 50L gas bottles and pallets or loaded into customer bottles at the filling station in the factory. Liquid ethylene gas is distributed by LGC, ISO tank or pumped directly at the factory. So if you want to know the price, please contact SIG Vietnam to be provided with industrial ethylene gas price according to your needs.

The place of supplying – producing – distributing industrial gas

Sing Industrial Gas Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and distributor of industrial ethylene gas. In addition, we also supply other industrial gases such as: Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Argon and Acetylene gas, Oxygen gas, Hydrogen gas, Mix Gas, Ammonia gas, Helium gas…

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In addition, SIG Vietnam also provides other services such as: tank and ISO tank rental service, design and construction service. Installation and management (EPCM) for gas pipeline system. Pipeline cleaning services as well as gas transportation.

Our customers are steel mills, shipbuilding and repair plants. Hospitals and many companies in other fields such as semiconductor equipment, electronics. Food and beverage processing, refrigeration equipment and paper production.